Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mission San Buenaventura

Mission San Buenaventura, like all of the California missions, has a cemetery containing the remains of thousands of California Native Americans & early Ventura County settlers. Sadly it is underneath a school.....
As you can see in most of these early pictures, the cemetery was located to the left of the church. For whatever reason the powers that be decided to cover it up with a boring school and pretend like it was never there. How about placing a plaque or some kind of memorial near the location of this very historical cemetery? I'll even pay the 50$ it would cost to have one made. Ridiculous.


  1. that's why my friend jen and I always got bummed out when we took the mission tour. it started out as good fun, but then we'd always end the tour on that sour note.

  2. yeah, its a big drag. same with cemetery park. i'll be posting about that soon.

  3. They say that Ventura main street is haunted, and this is why, during those time when the cemetery was there, there was no decent burial practice. The Ventura Majestic theater is known to be haunted, there are evidence of orbs at the theater and near the store near by. Those spirits are not at rest.